He Died too Soon but He Died Well: Will You Die Well?

Tuesday is for Thinking

William TwisseFew even know his name today but in 1648 when he drew his last breath on July 19th at the age of 68 he was known as a scholar, a faithful servant of Christ and a powerful defender of the faith. Dr. William Twisse was appointed the presiding officer of the Westminster Assembly by the British parliment of the in 1643. Twisse was one of 8 pastors to die before the Assembly completed its work and delivered to the world the Westminster Confession, the Shorter and Longer Catechisms and a lasting legacy for all the churches of the world. He died 9 months before the last meeting of the Assembly.

Calvinists and Arminians alike are united, if not always in complete agreement, on the magnitude and value of what the Westminster Assembly produced through the process of its six years of discussion, disputations and writings.

Twisse was also a husband and father and widower tasked with the raising of four sons and three daughters. He took that charge seriously.

In his family he had conducted a monthly fast, and regularly ‘before dinner and supper, he read a portion of the holy scriptures, expounding the more obscure and difficult passages for the edification of his family.’

cited in Puritan Profiles: 54 Puritans, personalities drawn togther by the Westminster Assembly,
by William Barker (Christian Focus Publishing, 1996), 21.


  • How will you in your time, in your family, take seriously your job to raise up a godly heritage among those among whom you have primary influence?

One thought on “He Died too Soon but He Died Well: Will You Die Well?

  1. I must spend time on my knees first. I must love my wife 1st and then my kids, and I must let my wife know she will always be my wife this side of eternity and that my kids will always be my kids this side of eternity. I need to help them to see the world from a Christ perspective, and when the outside says I am pushing an agenda on my kids I need to smile and say “tough beans.” And I have got to pray that (the?) Holy Spirit works mightily in my life as well as theirs, and encourage all to work outside of their comfort zone doing things that would make Christ smile, not because we have to but because we desire to and not because we are good at it but because we would like to be good at it… and practice asking God about everything and practice listening for that still small voice and encourage those in my circle to do the same. It is a lot of stuff, just learning how to love from a Christ perspective. LOL…”just”…


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