Proving God; White Privilege; Elisabeth Elliot; Rachel Doezal, Tim Keller, D.A. Carson; and a Review of Pixar’s “Inside Out”

Weekend Links

New Rain Barrel Setup Compliments of My Ingenious Son-in-Law
New Rain Barrel Setup Compliments of My Ingenious Son-in-Law

Twenty miles on the bike today and then a good hour long phone call with my brother. What a refreshing conversation to cool down with after a windy ride. Spent yesterday working in the garden and on the lawn.

It was a relaxing day off but I miss my wife who returns in a little over a week after a good visit with her mom in West Virginia. So glad for the way Steph’s mom raised the daughter I fell in love with.  Here are the weekend links. Enjoy.

Theology and Apologetics

Hell is Other People  —Margaret Manning Shull  (Good reflection on hell and much more. The author is part of the writing and speaking team with Ravi Zacharias International Ministry)

Carson, Keller and Piper on Churches Thriving in a Hostile Culture  —Gospel Coalition  (Great video about how to not panic and be the church in a post-Christian world.)

Former Atheist Astrophysicist Converts to Christianity and Explains Her Long Journey  (A very well written testimony of the relentless and gentle pursuit of God of a woman who had no interest in Him.)

30 Proofs for the Existence of God  —ThePoachedEgg  (Short, abbreviated arguments for the existence of God to encourage faith and cause unbelievers to reconsider.)

7 Reasons it Takes Great Blind Faith to Reject the Deity of Christ  —Historical Jesus Studies  (Filling up your toolbox to defend the faith and sharpen your faith.)

A Tribute to Elisabeth Elliot  —John Piper  (Elisabeth Elliot was one of the most influential women of the last 50 years. Not most influential Christian but most influential woman. She and her life, not just her books about her husband’s life, have been an inspiration to me. She lives with Jesus now. She will be missed. But she has gained and that is the hope and joy of the gospel for all of us who believe.)

Church Health 

Is a “Club Culture” Killing Your Church?  (There are so many threats to church health and flourishing but this is one that more churches need to analyze with some real honesty and no defensiveness.)

Culture and Politics

Pixar’s Newest Movie (Inside Out) is a Must See  —(So glad my friend Keith Plummer posted this review. I want to see this movie. I think every parent might NEED to see this movie.)

My Shuffle-footed Neighbor  (Poetic whimsy about a four-footed neighbor)

What Riding My Bike has Taught Me About White privilege  —(An interesting analogy with some thought provoking points. As a fellow bike rider, I can testify that many of his observations about drivers are on point as well.)

71% of MSNBC Viewers Think Rachel Doezal is Black  —Jerome Hudson  (Please people, stop the insanity of political correctness.)

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