Should We Pray for ISIS to be Destroyed or Saved?

Monday is for Thinking

John PiperISIS, unfortunately, is not going to go away over night, unless Jesus comes back and puts an end to all war. That day will come but until it does, Christians need to think and pray hard about how should we live in a world with ISIS and how do we, as Christians, pray in relation to them?

While psalms of imprecation (cursing) are appropriate to pray in certain circumstances, “Nevertheless, the psalms are not a license to make damnation pronouncements.” (John Piper)

John Piper is asked and gives his answer to a question that every Christian ought to struggle with. Listen to this audio file. It will deepen your love of the gospel, instruct you in how to soberly evaluate your own heart, and cause you to think more clearly and Christianly about a difficult issue in our time.

Clink on or copy the link below into your browser:

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