Coming Back by Popular Demand: Weekend Links

Weekend Links (to return)

doctor-who-pop-cultureBy popular demand, Weekend Links will be back on Friday evening. It is humbling to know how many of you reading the BLOG have benefited and desire to see them reappear.

Weekend Links represent some of the best of my reading across the week. They ususally include:

  1. Links broken down in an array of categories from Ministry and Church Planting to Politics and Culture, Gardening and Environment. Think of them as Michael Medved breadth with from a commited Christian perspective.
  2. Links that include a one to two sentence annotations to give background context and opinion.
  3. They sometimes include brief commentary and reflection on the falvor of the readings.
  4. Sometimes I will include short book reviews.

Some disclaimers:

  • I do not agree with everything presented in the link (unless otherwise noted)
  • I include the article because I find it provocative and worthy of a hearing
  • I invite conversation and thought not condecension and propaganda

Hope you enjoy the new format and return to Weekend Links.  Look for it Friday evening.

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