There are wolves in Hollywood and wolves in our politics, and wolves, unfortunately, in the church. The only way to deal with them is frontally. Bullies must be confronted. This is a good article from the the writer and producer of the TV series, The Equalizer.

The Burning Zone

A story taken from my book, Day of the Wolf.

Years ago, a TV production company associated with MGM Studios contracted with me to help develop and produce a new television series.  It was a fairly large company run by three partners with several series on the air and several more in development. One of the partners ran their television operations while the others took no active role in that side of the business.

The partner in charge was known as a bully. While he had this reputation among all the TV staffs that worked for him, when I joined the group I had no difficulties with him at all.  He was charming and friendly and I tried to be the same.

The relationship went along well for a number of weeks. He was complimentary about my work. My assignment was to write a pilot script and guide other writers…

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