How Many Political Candidates Would Pass these Standards?

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I’m generally a positive and hopeful person, except when it comes to politics. Then I become a cynic.

The political season is tuning up its machinery to once again pull the wool over the eyes of America. Both the major political parties are well oiled machines at saying one thing and doing another. A few years ago, I was studying the book of Proverbs and kept running across terms like “king”, “governor”, and “ruler”. I began to wonder if I might collect those verses in Proverbs that spoke most directly to the character quality of political leaders or the task of governing and wisdom in leading a people. 

Eventually, I started working on a book; my father died; I abandoned the book; only to pick up the project a few years later, and eventually finished the book, Picking a President: Or Any Other Elected Official. As election season heats up, maybe this is a good time to examine how you pick your candidates for the various elections. My goal in the book was to be faithful to the Scripture not partisan for a particular political camp. There is plenty in the book to challenge the assumptions of both the right and the left. 

You can order the book at the link above. Below you can view the book trailer.


One thought on “How Many Political Candidates Would Pass these Standards?

  1. This book is full of wisdom and enjoyable to read not only at election time, but any time. It provides inspiration to become a more thoughtful citizen, a student of government, society, culture and Christianity, and to choose wisely.


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