“It’s a good thing that you would let me die”

reflections on Christ - crucifixionMy son visited this afternoon, making the 90 mile trip to help me put together a piece of IKEA furniture, throw a baseball around and give his wise counsel on how we can better prepare for “retirement.” Ever since he attended a Dave Ramsey seminar the week after he and his bride returned from their honeymoon, he has been building his skill in helping others make wise choices related to their finances.

For us, retirement simply means preparing not to be a burden to our children. We have our health and want to be engaged in living for the King until our last breath.  It is always great to see our children but this visit with us seeking the counsel of our son was a bit of a role reversal for us. It reminded me of another time when God wanted to teach me something through the insight of my son. He was ten when the incident below took place.

For more see:  “It’s a good thing that you would let me die”.

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