Early Reviews of “Settlers or Sojourners?

Grateful to the first reviews coming in of my new book, “Settlers or Sojourners? A Meditation on Christian Identity”  I brought these over from Amazon.com. Another encouraging note is that the book is beginning to get some sales in England! Pray that it might start a revival on both sides of the Atlantic.

Settlers or Sojourners Cover Preview“This world is not my home”

By John A. Nunnikhoven on February 22, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
“This pamphlet concisely and cogently addresses the consequences of that old spiritual. Marty provides the Scriptural foundation for our life as sojourners and leads into a fuller understanding of that call. Buy several copies for your friends.”
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“‘The settler doesn’t like the company of the sojourner. They threaten his security.’ What a great statement. My friend and brother in Christ, Marty Schoenleber has written a ‘to the point’ and very applicable book for understanding our mission. With God’s clear call on every page, we hear the Holy Spirit saying, “This world is not your home. Stop laboring for what you can’t keep by ignoring what will never end!” I highly recommend this book, not just for a read through, but for a pray through. It is a knee book…that is, better experienced down on our knees with our hearts crying out to God. Great for personal growth, mentoring, discipleship and small groups. Marty, thanks for sharing your heart with us, as an example of one who is Cross-shaped.”

A Must Read

By Cindy Boose on March 25, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

“This book challenged me to examine my values and consider how I have made this world my home. As a follower of Jesus Christ it is my desire to live in obedience to Him, but this book showed me how my natural tendency to preserve my security, comfort and convenience holds me back.Marty Schoenleber invites the reader to go deep, challenging us to examine our lives to see where we have settled in as if this world were our home and exhorting us to live as if Jesus were our greatest treasure. A must read for any serious disciple!”


By Rhoda C Greene on March 30, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

“I have been challenged by reading this book, challenged to put emphasis on the things in my life that have eternal value. As Marty explains so well, we are pilgrims on a journey through this life to see our eternal home in the future.”
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