What Others are Saying About the New Book

Settlers or Sojourners Cover PreviewBook will go to print soon. But here’s what some of the advance reviewers are saying:

“The temptation to pursue a safe and easy life is pervasive. With the Bible as his guide, Marty Schoenleber shows us we weren’t meant to settle into this world, but to sojourn for Christ–no matter the cost. This is timely counter-cultural teaching.”

—Steve Burchett,
Christian Communicators Worldwide

“This has influenced me ever since you first taught it to me back at TEDS (seminary). We have way way too many settlers in the church. I have worked this thinking into all my discipleship …”

—Steve Erickson, Church Planter

And here’s an excerpt from the book itself:

The most important thing about us is this: if you are a Christian, you are a Christ-one, bought by His blood, shaped by His sacrifice and committed to daily taking up your cross, (Mark 8:34) denying yourself (the old categories, the old values, the old things that you used to hold dear) and living now under the new realities of being His. You now live for His values, not yours. You now live for His purposes, not yours. You now delight in His agenda, not yours. And if He calls you to lay your life down, or your comfort, or your security, then you will delight to lay it down so that you may have empty hands to do whatever He asks of you. That is who we are. That is who we are becoming. And that is how we become who we are. We daily pick up our cross, deny ourselves and follow Him (cf. Matthew 16:24; Mark 10:38; Luke 14:27).

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