For Those Whose Faith Sometimes Falters

Wednesday is for Prayer

Heartache 3My friend Miguel Labrador, missionary in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest put a link up on Facebook a couple of days ago that included this magnificent quote from Charles Spurgeon. Faith and periodic doubt, sometimes deep soul-devouring doubt are not mutually exclusive, especially when we contrast our need for the gospel and greatness of the gospel.

The link for the whole article about the doubts of 7 prominent believers is at the end of the post. I encourage you to read the whole article.

“I think, when a man says, ‘I never doubt,’ it is quite time for us to doubt him, it is quite time for us to begin to say, ‘Ah, poor soul, I am afraid you are not on the road at all, for if you were, you would see so many things in yourself, and so much glory in Christ more than you deserve, that you would be so much ashamed of yourself, as even to say, ‘It is too good to be true.'”

—Charles Haddon Spurgeon


“Lord, give hope and faith to us in the darkest of our days. When family and friends abandon us, when disappointments drain us and the daily beat-down of life in this crazy misshapen world of our sojourn, direct our hearts to the greatness of Your love and compassion and the hope of the gospel. Put the light of the gospel in is and let us shine for those who need it. In the name of Christ, Amen.”


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