What is the Christ-commanded Result of Church Ministry?

Saturday Musings

Disciple Making PastorWhy are churches and God’s people so occupied with peripheral things that divert them from making what Jesus told them to make? Is Jesus LORD or just an advisor to the Church?

“Only one kind of person will penetrate the world, and the failure of the church to produce this kind of person is the error that has thrown it into crisis. The crisis at the heart of the church is a crisis of product. What kind of person does the church produce? The Christ-commanded product is a person called a disciple. Christ commanded His church to “make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20). Jesus described a disciple as one who abides in Him, is obedient, bears fruit, glorifies God, has joy, and loves (John 15:7-17).

—Bill Hull, The Disciple Making Pastor, 14.

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