Denying Reality in the Church is Stupid

Monday is for Discussion

If I am driving down the road and my wife and I look at the gas gauge and see that the needle is approaching empty, my wife will say “Honey, don’t you think we should stop and get gas?” (A question with an implied exhortation.)

When she does this, it does me no good to say, “That’s your reality. My reality is that we have enough gas to go another hundred miles. I’m going to ignore your question and deny your reality because I don’t like your implied exhortation that I need to do something at this time that I don’t want to do.”

My experience with declining churches across the country is that they consistently have a problem recognizing their own (dumb) behavior.

Make sure as a leader that you are willing to look at the reality of your situation and make adjustments according to the real facts not the facts as you wish they were. Remember the counsel of Solomon.

If the clouds are full,
.      they pour out rain upon the earth,
and whether a tree falls toward the south or toward the north,
.      wherever the tree falls, there it lies.
 (Eccl. 11:3, NASB)

We have to deal with life the way it is not how we wish it was.

One thought on “Denying Reality in the Church is Stupid

  1. Well well well! Are we called to identify things as they are in the natural, or as G-D posits them in the eternal?

    If you are being pursued by an army bent on revenge and murder, do you commit suicide when you come to a wide sea, or let G-D?

    IF your relationship with G-D shows you that your “gas tank” will NEVER reach empty, it never will.

    HE holds all together. The car, the tank, the hills and stars are merely “vehicles” to get us to HIM> Holy Carp! LOOK what the LORD!

    Every work of humans started as an idea-cities, dams, institutions. Always are people who smugly point out there is no gas. i say”Gun It, baby! I want the ride as much fun as the destination!
    Ihor BohDan Procyk, Ellenville church of Christ, New Zion Community Church Fellowship, a Million Projects in utero!


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