Be Careful People, of Your Heroes

Monday is for Discussion

Gone too soon.
Gone too soon.

Be careful people, of your heroes.
For only One is perfect.
Role models and teachers, 
We may elect
Those who inspire 
and those we admire.
But there is One, only One
Who will never leave
Never reveal a single defect
Be careful people, for all your heroes.

On the occasion of Robin Williams death and loss of a comedic genius.

Good bye Robin. We can only hope that you found peace.

5 thoughts on “Be Careful People, of Your Heroes

  1. It has been suggested by a couple members of my family that the title of this post, which simply follows an old tradtion of naming a poem after the first line, might be perceived as insensitive. That somehow I was saying that Robin Williams was a “loser” or something equally obnoxious.

    If that is what you heard, let me apologize and ask forgiveness. That is not what I meant to communicate and it is certainly not my perspective. I think Robin Williams was one of the most talented people of this generation and it is a tragedy that he is gone from us so soon. He was gifted by God. And there are others. Seymour Hoffman, Heath Ledger, are two recent losses from the Art and Entertainment industry whose recent deaths have rocked the pantheon of our personal cultural heroes.

    My attempt was to pay tribute to the talent and life of Robin Williams while at the same time reflect on the loss from a worldview informed by the Cross of Christ. For those of you it helped, I appreciate your comments both here and on Facebook and privately as well. For those of you I hurt, I am deeply sorry and humbly ask your forgiveness for not being clearer or more timely.


  2. I thought your message was very respectful of the wonderfully gifted Robin Williams. I have long had concern over our “heroes” who are athletes, business leaders, etc. We are quick to give status worthy of following, to ones we really don’t know much about. It’s sad, when we have a book that tells us all about the one we should be seeking and following and who is our hero. I love your messages. I hope you don’t mind that I often quote you as I share about missions and God’s call on our lives.
    Sandi Goodman


    1. Sandi,

      Thank you for your comment. And no, I don’t mind that you quote me. I suppose every writer wants to be quoted. And no writer wants to disappoint their readers. But that is part of the trap isn’t it? The writer makes an idol of pleasing the readers and the reader makes something more of the writer than is warranted. In the end, I am only a servant of Christ. He must increase, I must be continually decreasing.

      Blessings to you,


  3. Brought over from Facebook

    ref – ‘be careful of…your heroes.‘ You are the man who has, more clearly than any other man, shown me how important it is to make sure that what I say is interpreted by the hearer to mean what I intended it to say. Here you are following thru with your philosophy. I’m a little better at it today than 5 years ago thru conscience effort thanks to you. It is a really tough thing.
    Blessings in Christ.
    [Name withheld]


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