Have You thought of Yourself as a Letter from God?

Friday Musings

Harvest timeHarvest time is just around the corner in these parts. In more ways than one.

The ministry and budget year draws to a close at our church and many churches around the country. A new school year and a new ministry year approaches, peaking over the horizon in just a few weeks.

  • Who will hear the gospel from you this next “school” year?
  • How will they hear it?
  • How will they see it?
  • How will they experience it?

There are some that God will place in your path this year who are unknown to you today. There are others—friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, coaches, teachers of your children, the mailman, the UPS delivery men, the gal at the Walmart, the mechanic at the shop, the child who skins their knee in front of your house, the woman who locks herself out of her house and comes knocking at your door—all of them need you to be a letter from God.  The apostle Paul put it this way in a letter to the Corinthians in southern Greece:

“You yourselves are our letter of recommendation, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all.” (2 Cor. 3:2)

Have you ever thought of yourself as a letter that your neighbors and friends and acquaintances are reading? 

What do they see? What do they read on the pages of your life? the lips of your mouth?

  • What’s your plan?
  • What’s your prayer?
  • What’s your hope?
  • Who is on your team to help you connect?
  • Who will you invite over for pie and see what God does with the conversation?

Good questions to begin the Fall harvest season.

Your hopes are up about the Bears season. Great. But what are your hopes for your neighbors and how are you investing in the gospel? All of theses are great questions to pray over. Figure out a plan. Share it with us. Inspire us. Let the rest of us learn from you.

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