How Do We Help Our Neighbors both Hear and See the Gospel?

community gardensHow do we help our neighbors both hear and see the gospel? 

How do we help our neighbors both hear and see the gospel if we never have any contact with them?

—never talk to them?
—never visit with them?
—never have them in our homes?
—never laugh with them?
—never cry with them?
—never fear the unknown with them?
—never go to a ball game with them?
—never root for our favorite team together?
—never share the struggles of life together?
—never sit at a parade with them?
—never volunteer in the community with them?
—never help in their garden or share ours with them?
—never BBQ with them?
—never sit on the school board with them?
—never organize a PTA with them?
—never root for the local HS with them?
—never coach kids in the community with them?
—never share our sorrows with them?
—never appear vulnerable to them?

There is no Community without Unity
How will they ever see Jesus if we aren’t embedded in the life of our neighborhood with them?

And how will they ever hear anything from us if all we ever do is wave and smile at them as they or we drive into our garages and carry on our lives behind the four walls of our homes?

Aren’t we just kidding ourselves, lying to ourselves, misrepresenting ourselves when we say we are making disciples when in fact we are just filling time and waiting for Jesus to return?

Are we Christ followers or just pretenders?

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