A Baker’s Dozen of Missional Principles

Missional Musings on the Weekend

  1. MissionalMissional leaders lead God’s people on the mission of God, to the world of God, for the glory of God.
  2. Missional leaders model being on mission for those they are leading in the mission.
  3. Missional leaders live incarnationally among those they lead so those they lead can lead others to live incarnationally among those they hope to reach.
  4. Missional leaders practice “INTENTIONAL WITHNESS” in their discipleship process.
  5. Missional leaders delight in mobilizing leaders to the mission of God.
  6. Missional leaders delight in hearing others tell their stories about being on mission.
  7. Missional leaders engage with neighbors they have no connection with so that real connection to Christ is possible.
  8. Missional leaders break cultural stereotypes by being like Jesus rather than being like Christians.
  9. Missional leaders tend to upset many Christians with the messes they create.
  10. Missional leaders use the things they have at hand, in the moment, to bridge into relationship.
  11. Missional leaders are humbled and challenged by their own faithlessness, rather than the faithlessness of others.
  12. Missional leaders should never mistake criticism of the church as improvement of the church.
  13. Missional leaders are always fighting the tendency to slip into organizational and away from missional patterns.

In the next few days I will add links in each of these to previous posts that address these issues. In a few cases I  will be writing new material over the next few weeks and then adding the links.

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