Riding a Conveyor Belt to Hell*

Friday is for Heart Songs

Conyers“What happens in a world that has abandoned its hope for heaven and has substituted dreams and longings that lodge themselves in a world without heaven? What happens, in a word, when a strong transcendent purpose no longer operates upon human lives and human societies? What powers are invoked, and what is lost, when the highest goals of human existence must emerge from the possibilities within life?”

The Eclipse of Heaven, p. 22.

Eclipse of HeavenRhetorical questions in the first chapter of a remarkable book now almost 15 years old and worth reading by every leader in every church today.

One answer to these questions is simply this:

What happens is exactly the kind of world
we are living in right now.

In other words:

  • a world bereft of compassion

  • a world filled with violence

  • a world morally adrift

  • a world that calls good evil and evil good

  • a world on a conveyor belt to hell

  • a world that can only escape judgment by repentance

* The word “hell” here is used as a metaphor for judgment.

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