Tim Keller on Prayer; Disputing Matthew Vines; John Piper; Kevin DeYoung; Same-Sex Adoption; Christians Under Fire; Mark Howell

Weekend Links


Freshly Cut Garden Lettuce  Waiting to be Washed
Freshly Cut Garden Lettuce
Waiting to be Washed

Two days and my wife returns from a good visit with her mom in West Virginia. I’m looking forward to my lonely house being filled with her radiant smile and presence. This week’s links are filled with controversy. Good time to remember that Jesus is in control and is always trustworthy.

Better Thinking about Small Groups

Do You have an Acts 2 Small Group in an Acts 17 Culture? (Mark Howell—good questions and directions from a small group guru.)

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Full Screed Ahead (New York Times—Frank Bruni, op-ed columnist. This is a must read if you read anything on the internet. You may not agree with all of the analysis but there are some significant points made about the trivialization of journalism.)
Scary, Scary, Scary, Scary  (End the Department of Education if this is the result of 35 years of their work. Especially since some of these students (sic) are from my alma mater. Our educational system, elementary through college is failing and parents need to wake up.)
Glorious Days for Radical Islam  (Thanks to our President and a chaotic foreign policy.)
Colleges and Evangelicals Collide Over Bias Issues  (The abuse of the constitution continues to change the face of America.)


Garden Lettuce, Just Washed And Waiting for My Tastebuds!
Garden Lettuce, Just Washed
and Waiting for My Taste Buds!

Better Thinking about Ministry

4 Principles about Praying Better Prayer from Augustine  (Gospel Coalition—Tim Keller , worth reading, more worth applying.)
9 Fascinating Facts About Those Who Attend Mega-Churches (Get the facts before you do you analysis.)
Why “God and the Gay Christian” is Wrong   (Christianity Today, Christopher Yuan—Christopher is a former member of New Song Church and bold defender of the faith and the biblical view of sex, marriage and homosexuality. Good article.)
How are Women Saved through Child-bearing?  (John Piper–excellent treatment of a difficult text to understand.)
Think Before You Post  (Sound counsel from Kevin DeYoung.)

The End of Homosexuality  (Good resource on a hot button topic.)

For Fun and Health

Warning: Ingesting this Substance Could be Hazardous to Your Health  (Not a joke, then it is.)
Losing Belly Fat After 40  (I need to make some changes.)
Eight Reasons to Stop Using Bottled Water  (Some of these are overstated, but some are spot on and include good alternatives.)
Why We No Longer Have Health Insurance  (More and more families and churches are going to choose this route.)

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