The Propaganda Worked. Now What?

Friday is for Heart Songs

Adoption 1Tell a lie long enough, tell a lie with pleasant smiling faces on the network news, tell a lie with pleasant stories and glowing anecdotal stories, tell a lie in film, and magazine story, newspaper accounts, and sound-bites from celebrities, tell the same lie for twenty years, tell a lie until those who don’t believe the lie can be shamed into never voicing their contrary opinion and you can make almost ANYTHING sound healthy, good and right.

So it isn’t surprising that media propaganda has now convinced the nation to endorse not only same-sex marriage but same-sex adoption. But what do the actual facts state? Do children of same-sex adopting “couples” do as well as heterosexual couples? Well, here is an excerpt from one report that tries to set the record straight.

Adoption 2But as previously discussed here and in other venues, the most rigorous and comprehensive research shows that when compared to children raised by a mother and a father, the children who are raised in same-sex unions are at higher risk for engaging in unhealthy behavior, and suffer far greater emotional, legal, educational, relationship, and financial problems in their lives.  Surely, it is fair to assume that those surveyed who support same-sex adoption are not actually intending to “cast a vote” for poorer child outcomes or to set up children who are already suffering detachment from their biological parents for failure. So why the disconnect?  Are people simply not paying attention, or are their views being skewed by the copious (mis)information available in this digital age? 

adoption 3Read the whole article at:

How should Christians respond? The lie of course will eventually be exposed.  The culture will pay a high price and unfortunately much of it will be borne by children yet to be born. One day the foolishness will be revealed and King will meet out justice.

But what should the people of God do now?

How do we love the culture, and love the people who make bad law, and mock God’s laws?

How do we turn the cultural tables on the lie?

5 thoughts on “The Propaganda Worked. Now What?

  1. Marty,

    Couldn’t find out how to comment, so here you are.

    You asked, “But what should the people of God do now?

    How do we love the culture, and love the people who make bad law, and mock God’€™s laws?

    How do we turn the cultural tables on the lie?”

    As Chuck Colson hammered over and over, by telling the truth, winsomly and graciously. In effect, turn the tables on our adversaries. Tell the truth, list the evidence that same sex adoption harms the children, tell it over and over and over. Same tactic but the truth rather than the lie.



    1. I agree John. We need to take the long view.
      1. stand for righteousness today.
      2. pray for the culture.
      3. pray for lies to be exposed.
      4. do the research, infiltrate the academic strongholds.
      5. train a new generation to understand the faith once delivered.
      6. send them into the media strongholds to do better journalism and defend truth.


  2. Dear Marty,

    I am a church planter like you. I am a follower of your blog. I have even gone so far as to re-post some of your wisdom about church planting on my own blog.

    I value my colleagues in ministry, faith, and dialogue at both ends of the Christian “theopolitical” continuum, from conservative to liberal and all points in between (though I have no use for hyphenated Christianty personally). I have found my dialogues with my varied colleagues to be most fruitful when we strive to: (a) always speak from the heart about what is at stake for ourselves, (b) never try to attribute motives to those with whom we disagree, and (c) never mispresent the facts or the positions of those with whom we disagree.

    So it was with great disappointment that I read your article, “The Propaganda Worked: Now What?”

    The hubris of both the title and opening paragraph of your article was breathtaking, dismissing pretty much everything you disagree on the topic of same-sex adoptive parenting as propaganda and lies. You state that the best and most rigourous research — research that would show the harm in same-sex adoptive parenting — is being ignored, and that when the truth comes out will show your opponents to be wrong. Then you refer (third-hand, actually: a reference in an attached post) to research that purports to show that “children who are raised in same-sex unions are at higher risk for engaging in unhealthy behavior, and suffer far greater emotional, legal, educational, relationship, and financial problems in their lives.”

    After reading your post, I have taken the time to review both the peer-reviewed research and what appears to be the particular research to which your attached article was referring. I have found little or no peer-reviewed research that agrees with your position. And the only research that does appear to show a higher percentage of at risk behavior in the adopted children of gay or lesbian same-sex couples does not conclude that these are because of the adoptive parent’s same sex orientation. Rather, it concludes that the number of children with such issues among same-sex adoptive parents is actual because same-sex adoptive parents are MORE LIKELY TO ADOPT TROUBLED CHILDREN than their heterosexual counterparts, who are in turn more likely to avoid children with such problems. And the vast majority of peer-reviewed research shows little if any significant difference on almost every measure. It’s not black-and-white: heterosexual adoptive parents do have a slight edge over their same-sex counterparts on a couple of issues. But then same-sex adoptive parents have a similar slight edge in others.

    Marty, you say “the propaganda worked.” But consider the definition of propaganda: “ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.” (Merriam Webster). If that is the case, the same charge could be leveled against your article.

    Thank you for listening, my brother…

    In Christ’s love,
    Ken Howard


    1. Ken,
      Thank you for your gracious challenge brother.

      I too follow your posts both at the blog and on twitter and I appreciate your reposting as well. And I am in basic agreement with the three points you strive for in your interactions with others.

      As I say under the “ABOUT” section, ‘In this blog I attempt to be “provocatively opinionated”’ which starts with the titles of posts. Sometimes I miss the mark. Sometimes, my readers push back and help me to clarify thoughts, change my opinion, or show me a better way. Sometimes my own “hubris” gets in the way. For the most part, I try to stay away from what you call “theopolitical” issues, preferring to stay closer to the center of the gospel and further away from the fringes.

      In this post, I have no “opponent” in mind, at least, no particular opponent. It is more the ‘spirit of the age’ that I am addressing.

      My intention in the opening paragraph was to have a trumpets clarity about the drift of our culture. Apart from the research, much of which still needs to be done on the effects of same-sex parenting (which I am sure are dotted by wonderful stories of love and well adjusted children, pre-suppositionally (I admit it), I believe the evidence will eventually prove to be a disaster. I believe the Scriptures are clear: homosexual behavior is wrong, it is beyond the blessing of God, it invites the judgment of God, therefore, I conclude that same-sex parenting and therefore same-sex adoption is not to the long term good of culture and flourishing of children.

      My perspective is that what has been going on in our media and academic and political structures for at least three decades absolutely fits the definition of propaganda. Part of my perspective is informed by personal friends on the inside of the LA Hollywood scene and the tactics that have been going on there for the past thirty years of their ministry on the inside.

      Prophetic language, is rarely popular. I don’t claim to have a “word from God.” But, on the basis of the word of God that both of us have in our hands (our Bibles), I felt and feel that this issue needed an unequivical statement of clarity.

      Churches ought to love those who identify themselves as homosexual. We ought to protect them from abuse and persecution. We ought to have them in our homes and treat them to dinner and care for them when they are sick and comfort them when they hurt. We should remember that any sinful behavior can be forgiven and the Christ died for all those who would repent of sin and trust in him. And we should always remember that we who have already repented and believed (and continue to repent) are no better than anyone else. We should not affirm their lifestyle or behavior.

      But we should also preach the whole counsel of God. And that means preaching that sin, all sin, never gets turned into a good simply because the spirit of the age wants it to be so. Loving my homosexual friends means telling them, with gentleness, and compassion that attraction is not destiny, that “orientation” is not destiny, that inclinations toward sexual expression whether homo or heterosexual are not license for indulgence. This is love. Risking the hatred of the world, we lovingly proclaim the biblical view of sexuality

      There is much here that I am sure we disagree on. I hope there are some things that we can agree on. Let’s both pray for greater humility, clarity and wisdom.

      a brother still learning,


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