Mature Discipleship Always Yields a Gospel-Telling Man or Woman

Wednesday Discipleship

Bonhoeffer Meme on Discipleship“Follow me and I will make you to be fishers of men.”
(Mark 1:17; cf Matt. 4:19)

Real discipleship, discipleship that is measured against the process and results of Jesus and Paul, always yields a gospel-telling man or woman.

How should it happen?

Point 1: Maybe not instantly, but maybe  … A close reading of the gospels indicates that the disciples are being sent out to do what Jesus did, very early in their time with him. A close reading of the book of Acts and the first and second missionary journey’s of Paul reveals that Timothy was gossiping the gospel all over a 50 mile area within months of his conversion.

And just to emphasize the point… Woman at the well, instantly. Demoniac, instantly. Roman centurian, instantly.

I’m not denying a process in becoming a fisher of men, I’m just saying that mature discipleship always yields a gospel telling man or woman, compelled by the beauty of the gospel, the needs of others and most of all, the command of Christ, to tell others. It doesn’t take as long as some people say. And when the process is drawn out too long it actually hinders spiritual growth.

Point 2: Not fully, but quickly … The woman at the well, the centurian, and the demoniac knew very little, but what they knew was their story and their encounter with Jesus and they were all released to go and tell that to anyone that would listen.

Length and maturity and depth of growth in the grace and knowledge of God should deepen our zeal to proclaim, but it does not follow that those who know little cannot tell what they do know effectively.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Mature Discipleship Always Yields a Gospel-Telling Man or Woman

  1. Marty,

    Excellent points.

    If you had a room full of evangelical pastors of North America and asked them the following two questions I wonder what the responses would be:
    1. What is a mature disciple? What percentage would you guess would not have gospel-telling in their response.
    2. How many of you have been through an intentional discipleship process which was designed for you to make disciples who make disciples?

    Just wondering.

    I plan on calling you this week my brother.

    Together for the Gospel and multiplication,



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