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Weekend Links

new-waterfallsExtremely busy week as we prepare for Holy Week and also made a trip to Bolingbrook to run in the New Song Christian Health Center (dba Bolingbrook Christian Health Center) 5k which underwrites much of the budget for the clinic. This ministry is now about 12 years old and serves between 700-800 patients a year. It also provides gospel witness and compassion to all who come and is a sweet smelling aroma to Christ. It was fun to see familiar faces, support the ministry and also get a chance to see two of my daughters, my son-in-law and our precious grandson. Enjoy the links for the weekend.

Better Thinking About Ministry

Alternatives to Obamacare aka Affordable [ha] Health Care  (More churches ought to look into these options.)
Fault Lines of an Evangleical Earthquake  (Trevan Wax –thoughful article about a growing rift among evanglicals over a wide range of cultural issues.)

20 Reasons to Buy and Read Kevin DeYoung’s TAKING GOD AT HIS WORD  (Gospel Coalition)
6 Trends for the Bible in 2014  (Barna Research Group –thanks to one of my elders at Trinity Church [Wil Koester] for pointing me to this link.)
10 Lessons from a Hospital Bed  (John Piper–suffering is a doorway to understanding and perspective. Let a fellow sufferer show you the way.)
Six Christian Leaders Answer Questions from the Audience on Same Sex Attraction, Marriage and much more  (Ligonier Ministries–Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, Albert Mohler, and R.C. Sproul) 

Sexual Atheism: Christian Dating Data Reveals a Deeper Spiritual Problem  (Kenny Luck and — this is an important and alarming article.)

Better Engagment with Culture and Politics

Why are they Called Homofacists?  (Read this article and find out. Christians are going to become outcasts in our culture. Unable to hold jobs, get elected to public office or decide their own associations.  It will happen in the next 30 years unless one of two things happen: 1) Jesus returns, or 2) the people of God get on their knees for revival and God graciously grants a reprieve.)

For Fun and Health

Junior Bridgeman: Former NBA 6th Man, Now Approaching Michael Jordan in Net Worth  (Great story about hard work and vision working together.)

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