How to Keep Preaching from Destroying Your Soul

Seven Ways to Keep Preaching from Killing Your Soul

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Preaching (words)Seven Things to Cultivate

  1. Know God. –Your people need to have a man of God in front of them. Why should the congregation listen to you if don’t know God better this week than last?
  2. Know the text. –Your job is to study. Why should they spend their time listening if you have not brooded over the text and studied deeply?
  3. Be filled with the Spirit. –Your job is to pray. If you don’t pray, you don’t trust God; you trust you.
  4. Be holy. –You will destroy your ministry, your people and your family if you do not pursue holiness. Holiness will protect you or the lack of it will hollow you to the core. 
  5. Step on  your pride. –Holiness will help you here. Be ruthless with every serpent-head of pride in your life.
  6. Exalt Jesus. –The objective is to show Jesus…

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