Kelly Clark: This is Not an Olympics Story

This is not a story about the Olympics

Olympic MedalistsI read this story in a Christianity Today article on Christians to keep your eye on at the Olympics. Kelly is the gal on the far right in the picture.

Here’s the excerpt. My observations follow.

Kelly Clark – Snowboarding (Halfpipe) @KellyClarkFDN

The four-time Olympian and two-time medalist in the women’s snowboarding event (gold in 2002, bronze in 2010), Clark was led to Christ in 2005 when she realized that despite her success—she is the winningest woman in halfpipe history—she still felt empty. She witnessed another boarder console a competitor who had just failed to qualify by telling her, “It’s all right. God still loves you,” and was struck by the idea that she found the woman in her hotel room and asked her to explain more. That night she made a decision to give her life to Christ, and has spoken out about her faith ever since. Sochi will be her fourth straight Olympics.


Observations and Comments:

  1. The story is wonderful.

  2. The story is simple.

  3. Never underestimate the power of simple compassion for another human being.

  4. There is a nameless person who is the hero in the story.

  5. She, the nameless hero, had no idea where her act of compassion for one competitor would lead another competitor (in this case Kelly Clark) to bow their knee to the Savior.

  6. Living for the idol of “snow-boarding glory” (or any other glory) is an empty dead end.

  7. Living for the glory of Christ changes lives.

Christians, love your neighbor. Be bold to care for your neighbor in his or her distress. Tell the truth. Make yourself available for a mighty God to use. Give people something else, Someone else to believe in. You never know where a simple act of faith on your part or a word from you might lead someone else to place all their hope in Christ. 

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