Same-sex Marriage; Al Mohler, Bill Nye and Ken Ham; David Fitch; Donald Miller; Obamacare; and R.C. Sproul on the Age of the Earth

Weekend Links

River in WinterGetting these up late this weekend, but that isn’t because they aren’t significant. Enjoy.

Better Thinking About Ministry

The Greatest Threat to Marriage is Not Same-sex Marriage  (An article that I wish every one over 15 in America would read. Every church ought to write a position paper on this issue and  then stand by it.)
Al Mohler on the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham “Debate”  (Good article even if you disagree with the position.)
Bill Nye “the Science Guy” and His Debate with Ken Ham was a Disaster for Science  (Michael Shulson of the Daily Beast reports on the debate from an evolutionist perspective.)

“Dad, I Think I Know All the Bible Stories”  (A child and father’s conversation that illumines how we train our children to hate “worship.”)
A Wise and Respectful Response to Donald Miller’s “I Don’t Go to Church”  (Thoughtful and spot on.)
David Fitch on Don Miller’s “I Don’t Like Singing”

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Obamacare Disaster in 5 Minutes  (Video of the contradictions between reality and what the president said to Bill O’Reilly)
How the President Pulls the Wool Over America’s Eyes   (George Will—“Rhetorical Cotton Candy”.)
I Hope Judge Judy Really Did Send this to Congress  (What a tragedy for the country, this man, this woman. We are raising a generation of semi-literate sponges.)
The Economic Disincentive to work Under Obamacare  (If people will not work, how can we pay for Obamacare?)

Lessons from the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Creation Debate  (Three great observations from Rick Philips at Reformation 21.)
R.C. Sproul on the Age of the Earth  (Video and a free book on the Reformed view of science.)
The Nye/Ham Debate was a Missed Opportunity for Intelligent Design  (Sad that neither man opened any doors for this movement.)

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