No-Fuss-Parenting; Bad Youth Ministry; Raising Up Men; George Muller; Preachers Undermining the Word and much more

Weekend Links

Phillies at Spring TrainingAway on a retreat with the elders of Trinity Church, so I am posting this before breakfast this morning. The rain is falling. The snow is melting. And in 34 days, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. Then Easter comes. How can anyone not like the Spring.  It’s coming. Enjoy the weekend and have a great time of worship and celebration of the gospel with the family of God.

Celebrating God’s Goodness in a Sin-Infested World

Waitress with a Difficult Past Receives a Great Blessing in a New Family  (And more. The world can be harsh. That’s what sin does. It corrupts everything. But God breaks through to rescue and that is worth celebration.)

Better Thinking about Parenting

No Fuss Parenting: Teaching Children to Sit Still  (More helpful and thoughtful than you might think.)

Better Thinking about Ministry

New Study Suggests Youth Groups are Driving Teens to Abandon the Faith  (You heard that right. Playing endless games with a focus on “are we having fun?” and abandoning the teaching of solid doctrine is killing our youth.)
Ten Ways Preachers Undermine Confidence in the Word of God  (Pay attention to these if you want to grow a congregation that is biblically solid in their faith.)
Passing Out Authority to Others  (This might be the most thought-provoking article I have read in the last 6 months. I am going to take some time to digest this. Really good.)
Spring 1What Did George Muller Think of the Bible?  (Christian Communicators — no fluff from this group, just solid theology and good praxis based on solid Biblical exegesis.)
What I Wish I Knew Earlier from My 40 Years of Pastoral Ministry  (Sam Storms—great wisdom here.)
Christians and Alcohol  (A good short treatment on how to think about what is taboo and what isn’t.)

Better Thinking about Culture and Politics

Why People Believe that ‘America is the Greatest Threat to Peace’  (Dennis Prager–concise, important, and helpful.)
An Open Letter to Michele Obama  (What the middle-class thinks of your many vacations.)
Crony Capitalism Dooming Horse Drawn Carriages in New York  (It’s this kind of thing that should disgust voters and cause them to turn out politicians from both parties as quickly as they elected them in the first place.)
The Wicked Roots and Continuing Corruption that is Scientology  (Great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard exposes the cult for what it is.)
Isalamist Atrocities Don’t Stop When the Fighting Stops  (The absence of a declared war does not mean that women and others are safe in an “Islamic peace.”)

For Better Health and Fun

Making Great Chicken Soup as a Health Creating Meal  (Interesting)

How the USDA stole and continues to steal from farmers. (Outrageous story of how the government steals 47 percent of California farmers raisin crop. Video included.)
Fukushima Scare Tactics, Reality and Facts  (The tragedy in Japan after the earthquake and Tsunami was and continues to be devastating. Make sure to evaluate all the evidence before making decisions.) 

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