Helping Infertile Couples; Listening to a Feminist Defend Men; a little Duck Dynasty; Leaders Worth the Title; Jesus on Every Page and much more

Weekend Links

watkins-glen-gorge-rainbow-bridge-new-yorkBetween Christmas and New Year is always a quiet time in our house. Even when the kids were with us, this was a season of solitude.  I like it.

So I am going to post this and get back to the quiet. Reading, meditating, praying, enjoying being in the same room with my bride. By the time the New Year arrives I will be all pumped up for the vision and promise of a new season.

Better Engagement with Culture

How the Church Can Help Infertile Couples (A thoughtful article on how the church sometimes helps and sometimes hurts infertile couples and what it needs to do in the future.)
Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues  (Lesbian feminist defends masculine virtues. Proving once again that the image of God is NOT totally obliterated in the unbelieving mind.)

Pro-Life News

Image of a Baby Born with Amniotic Sac Gives Us an Amazing Look at the Miracle of Birth (Rare birth gives new insight.)
Life and Death in the Christmas Season (Breakpoint—John Stonestreet audio.)

Better Engagement with Culture an Politics

Getting to the Bottom of the Benghazi Investigation  (When will the President and the Press take this seriously? [Short video])
Not Worth Quacking About  (Christians falling into a media trap over Duck Dynasty?)
Jon Kitna: Blessed to be a Blessing  (The difference the gospel makes for a whole community.)

Better Thinking about Doctrine and Practice

The First Council of Nicaea  (Doctrine matters.  Tim Challies starts a new series on the 7 earliest councils of the post apostolic age.)
The Virgin Birth and Your Rebirth  (The virgin birth is an essential doctrine.)
Ideas about the Manger  (Ross Douthat—what it points to and how.)
Jesus on Every Page (Book review of an important new book dealing with a confusing issue for many non-pastors.)

For Fun and Health

Five Tips to a Better Back  (Thanks to David Burkhardt for posting this on Facebook. I have been struggling with my back.)

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