Beating Demons; Helping Homosexuals; Destroying Sex Trade; Sweden’s Stupidity; Lotteries; and much more

Weekend Links

winterscapes - 1Weekend Links going up a little late this weekend. Had to make two trips to the doctor (nothing serious) but time consuming.  My hope is that all these links will help you love Jesus and your neighbor better. As always, inclusion is not necessarily an endorsement of everything within the link.

Better Thinking about Sexual Immorality

Homosexual, Born-Again Christians: They Exist! (Attraction is not the same as expression.)
No More Gender: A Look into Sweden’s Present and Our Future? (A grand and dangerous experiment is currently going on in Sweden and unfortunately, it is the direction for which our own nation is headed.)
How to Fight Sex-Trafficking Like a Girl  (New recruits in the battle to end a despicable industry.)

Better Thinking about Doctrine and Practice

Did Jesus Die to Save Everyone?  (Because doctrine matters.)
Tattoos In Biblical Perspective: Should Christians Get Them?  (John Piper–audio, not a condemnation but a serious caution.)
Beating Demons  (Modern warfare against an ancient foe.)
When We Send People to Their Death(John Piper—a short article but oh how important for all of us to think this through.)

winterscapes - 2Better Thinking about Culture 

Bringing Your High School Face to Face with its Drug Problem  (A student documentary in a Chicago suburb has a broader and scarier national application.)
Lotteries are Bad for People: Don’t Celebrate them or Participate in Them  (Ed Stetzer–lotteries prey upon people in our society who have the least.)

Better Thinking about Church Planting Issues

The Arrogance and Impatience of Church Planters  (Some truth, a lot of help, and good processes to avoid the problem.)
Five Ways to Connect with Disconnected People  (Ed Stetzer–an important topic by a trusted voice.)

For Fun and Health

41 Camping Hacks that are Just about Genius  (I love these kind of re-purposing, creative solutions of things.)
Eating Sesame Seeds Superior to Tylenol for Arthritic Knees  (Very interesting. 40 grams is the dose.)
A Little Girl’s Science Project Suggests Why We Need to Think Hard About More Organic Food (Powerful little video.)

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