The Fellowship of Dead Saints

Friday is for Heart Songs

Lewis writingsI have become increasingly convinced that there is too much triviality in my life. Too much attention paid to inconsequential things. Too much worry and striving for things that a man ought to just let happen, if they are to happen at all. My remedy is that I am going to fill my time with more meditation on Scripture and better more focused reading habits.

I am challenged by two thoughts, one by John Piper and one by Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Piper has for years urged pastors to allow one great mind to occupy their thoughts. “Become an expert on that mind,” Piper urged. Saturate your thinking with one great saint and let them, along side a deep meditation on the word of God, guide you into holiness and toward the risen Christ.

Bonhoeffer 2The thought from Justice Souter is similar if more secular. I remember that during his confirmation hearings it came out that he was dedicating the next year to reading the complete works of Shakespeare.  He was roundly chuckled at and considered somewhat of a nerd for this admission and even criticized. The media tried to suggest that someone with such an antiquarian interest could not possibly be in touch with the “real world”.

I always found  that idea strange. In every previous generation, reading Shakespeare would be an activity that it was assumed would broaden a man or woman and put them in touch with higher, better and more sensitive thoughts. Anyway.

I have decided I am going to take this next year (2021) and reread every C.S. Lewis book I own (about 30 inches of shelve space) and after being inspired by Eric Metaxes’ biography of Bonhoeffer I want to reread Eberhard Bethge’s biography of Bonhoeffer too. 

My hope is that the fellowship of these two dead saints (Lewis and Bonhoeffer) will be a great support to my spirit.

That’s my Friday Heart Song.
Pray that my spirit would be led by God’s word and these two dead saints into greater depths of holiness. I’m 65 now. Pray with me that I would run passionately all year into the arms of Christ and that I would learn much from these two departed brothers.

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