Holy Spirit Theology; Warrior Culture; Incarnation; Parenting Boys; Nelson Mandela Irony; the Surveillance State and much more

Weekend Links

Small Towns 1Very busy season and a thrilling season to be a pastor charged with opening the bread of life. Enjoy.

Thinking Better About Ministry

Dear Obscure Pastor  (Lisa Robinson—encouragement for those who labor in obscurity and faithfulness)
The Pressure to Plagiarize: Part 3  (Neil Cole—a final post in the series and a good one. Neil asks some very important questions that move beyond the stated issue to the larger picture of giving away our thoughts in the interest of starting a movement. A good conclusion to the series.)
Helping Children Learn Sound Theology (A music project to teach children the Westminster shorter catechism.)

Scowling at an Angel (Men, pastors: Read this. Copy this. Pass it on to every man you know. And then determine to love your wife like Christ loves the Church.)
Singled Out: How the Church Can Embrace Single Adults  (The church is the bride of Christ and she needs to take care of all the flock, including the unmarried ones.)
On Football, Warrior Culture, and Manhood  (Gospel Coalition–an important article for any discussion of what it means to be a biblical man.)
Parenting Boys (girls too) to Recognize Bullying  (Lessons from one of the most watched TV specials in television history.)

Thinking Better about Christmas and the Incarnation and Doctrine in General

The Scandal of the Incarnation  (A Christmas meditation)
This is What Forgiveness Looks Like (Incarnating gospel transformation)
How Do We Know the Holy Spirit is a Person?  (Justin Taylor and the Gospel Coalition –combatting modalism with better theological formulations.)

politicsBetter Engagement with Culture and Politics

Should Giving Up Your Beliefs be the Price of Citizenship? (Not just a bad ruling but a truly chilling and un-American ruling out of New Mexico.)
A Nelson Mandela Inspired Fantasy (Mark Galli at Christianity Today offers an interesting thought experiment.)
Beware an Unchecked President (When the LA Times begins to question the President’s moves of a liberal President, that President has a problem.)
Nelson Mandela and  the Ironies of History (Albert Mohler—a balanced and important article on the life, legacy and challenge of Nelson Mandela.)

Low Information Leadership  (Peggy Noonan—President Obama’s problem grows deeper with each passing day.)
Why Christians Should Be Speaking Up about the Surveillance State  (Ed Stetzer–this is an important article and one that I am particularly sensitive because of my age. I have watched the government since the 60’s become more and more intrusive and limiting on freedom with each new president.)

Caring for the World’s Poor

A Colorado Engineer Has an Inventive Way to Irrigate Crops in Africa  (I love simple ideas to solve lack of resource problems.)
When We Send People to Die  
(Reaching the poor, reaching the unreached is sometimes risky.)

For Fun and Health

15 Uses for Green Beans  (Love them. #2, 6, 8, 13, and 15 look great. They need a grilling option. Anybody have a good green bean grilling recommendation?)
6 Bad Exercises and Their Replacements (Trade planks for crunches an bench press for pushups, among others.)

2 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Theology; Warrior Culture; Incarnation; Parenting Boys; Nelson Mandela Irony; the Surveillance State and much more

  1. Marty, THANK YOU for the link about singles andt he church. The writer put into words a lot of things I have wanted to say for a long time.
    I once heard some one say, from the pulpit, that married people, and specifically parents, were of more value to God than singles. When discussing this with married friends, they agreed with the speaker.


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