Persecuted Church; Plagiarism among Pastors; Paying in Blood; Elephant Room News; and much more.

Weekend Links

Beautiful but Dangerous (Be Careful Out There)
Beautiful but Dangerous (Be Careful Out There)

Video, audio, articles, —it’s all here. As always, inclusion here doesn’t necessarily mean support of all of the particulars in any.

Documenting the Demise of Western Culture

How Same-sex Marriage Will Hurt You  (Besides bringing down the wrath of God, some practical considerations.)
Lincoln Was Wrong: the Southern States Could Legally Succeed?  (An interesting article, whatever good came of the Civil War, chief among them, the end of slavery, Lincoln’s decisions paved the way to the unrestrained federal government we now have.)
“Genderqueer Rising”: Colleges Moving to Welcome Kids Who Identify as Neither Male Nor Female (Pandora’s box is open.)
Did George Washington Predict the Demise of America? (What did President Washington think of Thanksgiving and the need for it in our nation?)

Thinking about Ministry

What People Really Want for You When They Invite You to Church (Pass this one on to whoever you invited to church recently.)
An Open Letter to “that guy”: Five Reasons You are a Wolf  (I can think of two or three dozen men and women over the years of my ministry that need to read this article. You probably know someone right now.)
Seven Ways Pastoring has Changed Over the Last Thirty Years (Thomas Rainer—sage advice from someone who has been watching it all happen.)
A Love Hate Relationship with Christian Art  (For too long in the 20th and 21st centuries, Christians have almost been anti-art and art has been anti-Christian. To reach a culture, we have to change that.)

The Pressure to Plagiarize: Part 1  (Neil Cole—a fine article except for the almost completely speculative last paragraph. I don’t know all the “celebrity pastors” that dot the landscape, but I know a few and the ones I know, do not have ghost writers and take writing sabbaticals because their churches and the elders at their churches value what those writing sabbaticals produce for the whole church.)
The Pressure to Plagiarize: Part 2 (Neil Cole—Part two of a discussion on a problem in the ministry.)
The Pressure to Plagiarize: Part 3  (Neil Cole—finishes up his series 

Answering Four Street-Level Arguments for Sexual Immorality (Matt Chandler—short, sweet, and powerful.)

For the Beauty of Our God  (An important critique of the Elephant Room 2 and a clear defense of the trinity.)

The Persecuted Church

Paying in Blood: The Global War on Christians: Part 1 (Eric Metaxes—a matter for prayer? Yes. A matter for fresh understandings? Yes. A matter for deep reflection and action. Absolutely.)

Just for Fun and Your Health

15 Cool Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard
20 Practical Uses of Coke and Proof that it Doesn’t Belong in the Human Body
 (At least, not on a regular basis.)

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