Ravi Zacharias on Homosexuality; Narnian Living; Knockout Game; Cricket Singing; Wind Maps; and much moreginal

Weekend Links

polar bears grilingWe just had two firsts. Our first ever Thanksgiving with no family and the first time I cooked the Thanksgiving Day meal. I am happy to report that Stephnie and I survived both events. As the children age, marry, move on we find ourselves in a new phase of life. We miss them but love being together. So glad to have my best friend for a wife and thankful every day that God has blessed me with the wonder of her love. Enjoy your day and remember, whatever the black Friday adverts say, you can’t consume your way to happiness.

Better Thinking about Ministry and Life

Know Your Christianese: Prayer Edition (Joe Carter and the Gospel Coalition)
Ravi Zacharias on Why Does God Forbid Homosexuality  (One of the best answers I have heard. I have changed from the original link but this one is similar.)

Live Like a Narnian  (Desiring God article audio file.)
Liberating Women from Prostitution  
(Ending this abuse of women ought to be a priority for us all.)

WinterGrillingKabobs003Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Sixth Graders told Not to Tell their Parents about Political Assignment  (The State, this time through the educational system, wants more and more power over our children and through them, all of our lives.)
What Politicians are Not Saying about Military Sexual Abuse  (Informative and helpful in pointing out the political opportunism and anti-military biases of much media reporting.)
Jesus and the Same-Sex Marriage Debate (A well written article on the authority, accuracy, logic and love of the traditional view of marriage.)

Farming and Health

DIY Farming: Building a Year Round Garden No Matter What Your Climate (Walipini—What I would love to do if had a bit more land.)
Aquaponics  (I love this stuff, not for any anti-big farm reason, but just because I think it’s cool and for its ministry potential both here and in the third world.)
An Experiment to Scare that Cigarette Out of Your Hand  (Video–ugly stuff.)
Think Food Doesn’t Affect Behavior? Read This! (Wow. Fascinating article and video. Watch what food vs sweets did to kids at a party.)

Better Thinking about Church State Relations

Should Clergy have a Housing Allowance? (Recent rulings have called the practice into question. How should we think about this?)

winter-grillingJust for Fun

God’s Symphony of Crickets  (Is it possible that God created this to echo the beauty and majesty of man who is the apex of his creation and made just a little lower than the angels?)
A Wind Map of the United States  (Very cool.  My wife loves it.)

Documenting the Destruction of Western Culture

Humanist Sues Teacher for Praying for an Injured Student (The lunacy of the left.)
The Knockout Game Doesn’t Exist: So Says the NYT and NPR  (Willful blindness to support a political agenda and undermine justice.)

“All human relationships end in pain.”  It is part of the price we pay for love.

—-Douglas Gresham (C.S. Lewis stepson)

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