When Doubt is Sin: A Thanksgiving Eve Meditation

Wednesday is for Prayer

Zechariah, GabrielAll around the country, pastors and church leaders are thinking through and preparing their Christmas season of messages as others are preparing for Thanksgiving. My message this week is on the birth announcement of the angel Gabriel to Zachariah that he and Elizabeth’s late-born, miracle child was going to figure prominently in the redemption of the Israel and the world.

What do you do when a being who stands in the presence of God comes to you with a message about prayers you have prayed for decades and says they are about to be answered in a way more wonderful than you ever imagined?

You doubt him of course!

At least that is what you do if you are like most humans. Don’t think you are better than Zachariah for a moment. You and I would have probably been less responsive than even Zachariah was, initially. You can read his whole story in the first chapter of the gospel of Luke

Zachariah and Eliabeth with JohnWhat should we do?



Give thanks.


Tell everyone.

Zachariah will do all of those things but first he had a very human and sinful moment. He doubts. He disbelieves the word of a being dispatched from the very presence of God.

Not a good idea. But oh how human!

But God’s grace is there to pick him up. Read the whole story in Luke 1:5-25. And remember, that your God is a God of grace and mercy. He will be there to pick you up when you stumble and fall, and doubt. He is faithful and will do it (1 Thess. 5:24)!

Thank God for his marvelous grace and have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

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