Homeschoolers Better Socialized; Pedophile Rights?!; Hunger Games Warnings; The Creep of Totalitarianism; and much more

Weekend Links

washington_il-white-fullThe sun is shining and the people of Washington have a good day for all the help that is arriving to begin the process of putting their material and emotional lives back together. We have teams of people going from our church as do many other churches in the area. It is a great joy to see the body of Christ not only involved in the cleanup but leading in the cleanup. The links below are a weekly round up of interesting and helpful links. Pray for those cleaning up in the towns affected by the tornadoes of last week. Enjoy.

Staying Healthy

Tips on How to Care for Your Back at Work  (I wish I knew these things 30 years ago.)

The Witness of Mourning Well (Audio—one of the greatest testimonies of the power of the gospel is the joy of a Christian in the midst of real grief.) (Enough said.)
The Day the President was Shot and the Boston Symphony Orchestra (Powerful sound track and musical score of a moment etched in history.)

Finding Your Identity in Jesus Christ, Not What You Do  (Short video from an outdoor biologist and Christian.)

Rethinking Education

Guess What: Homeschoolers are Better “Socialized” with Skills for Functioning in Society  (The American Vision: A Biblical Worldview Ministry)
C.S. Lewis and Evolution  (Very insightful video)

Chronicling the Bankruptcy of the Western Culture

It Starts: Pedophiles Lobbying for Same Rights as Homosexuals  (They said it would never happen. They said LGBT peoples would be satisfied with same sex marriage. They lied. Conservatives said this is where it would lead. They were right, again.)

Pray for the people rebuilding their lives in the affected communities
Pray for the people rebuilding their lives in the affected communities

Man Arrested for Trying to Pick Up His Kids at School (Totalitarianism is popping up in so many places. Why are so many people in our country on such a power trip?)
For the Hunger Games Enthusiasts Out there: Be Careful  (CT—not everything that is exciting, adventuresome and romantic is also healthy for your soul.)
The Best Deconstruction of Obamacare You will Ever See (Powerful video. Share it with your friends.)

Just for Fun Section

Here’s a Really Cool Camping Stove that Fits in Your Pocket  (Turning a beer or soda can into the only camping stove you will ever need.)

How to Write a Book in Your Spare Time  (For the budding writers out there.)  (Child sexual abuse is a scourge in our culture and we should do everything in our power to protect children and to create cultures in our churches where they can get help.)

Thinking Better about Ministry

Offering an Alternative Script for Those with Same Sex Attraction  (An important article from the Desiring God website.)
Three Legged Stool: Examining All Sides of God’s Salvation Process  (Jim Elliff–a longer article for those who want to get past sound-bite arguments.)
Dr. Who: Christ Figure or Ultimate Humanist?  (A review)
Slow Down For Jesus: You will Lead Better  (Larry Osborne–Innovate for Jesus, speaks about what it takes to innovate new ideas, ministries, and change in a congregation. His answers may surprise you.)

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