Dracula and Christ; Political Liberal Converts to Christ; Eric Metaxes; Luther’s 95 Theses; and much more

Weekend Links

Some of the more interesting links on the radar screen this week. Drove 1,200 miles in the last three days. Tired. Enjoy.

Abandoned Mill in FranceBetter Interaction with Culture

Why Dracula is More than Entertainment  (Eric Metaxes—breakpoint audio)

Fox News’ Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower (Testimony of Kirsten Powers from Christianity Today. The gospel’s power to transform on display.)

An Open Letter to a Christian Couple Considering Living Together before Marriage  (Pastoral insight, timely advice and a high view of grace.  Good letter.)

Take Two People and Add Money to One of Them and Watch What Happens  (While I know many wealthy people who are extremely generous, humble and gracious, this is an interesting and powerful video on the insidiousness of how the blessings of life can sometimes make us feel entitled. Reminds me of Proverbs 30:7-9) http://youtu.be/E2oi6y292kE

Thinking Better about Ministry

Is Your Youth Ministry Killing Your Church?  (We don’t ask these questions often and reflectively enough.)
John MacArthur Answers His Critics  (Strange Fire conference fallout and clarifications. Part 1)
How Do We Hear God?  (It can be more complicated than you think.)

An Interview with Carl Truman on Luther’s 95 Theses  (A revolution that is needed again in the church.)

Ten Errors to Avoid When Discussing  Sanctification and the Gospel  (The Gospel Coalition —Kevin DeYoung)


How to Fall Asleep Faster  (10 suggestions for better sleep patterns.)

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