Young Hearts Aflame for Truth

Friday is for Heart Songs

sunrise_photography_33In about an hour, I will leave for a training conference of church planters. A team of two others plus myself, will be the seminar leaders going through Dynamic Church Planting International’s “Church Planting Essentials” for those that will gather at a facility in Mount Prospect, IL.

I love that God and the elders of Trinity Church give me the opportunity to do these kind of activities. There is nothing that thrills my heart more from a ministry perspective then getting to train the next generation of church planters.

As the sand begins to run out of my hour glass it is thrilling to know that the mission to take the gospel to new people, some not yet born, will continue with young hearts aflame for truth and the gospel.

Our culture wants to put young hearts aflame but not for truth. It would seek to set them a fire for fame, or riches, or sexuality, or the environment, or activism, or entertainment, anything but truth and gospel glory. The competition for the minds and hearts of young people is unrelenting and powerful. But our God is a consuming fire and a vision of Him and His glory can still, by God’s grace, capture hearts and set them aflame. That’s what I am hoping will happen through our time together in Mount Prospect. 

Would you pray with me for that? And if you read this after the event, would you pray that there would be a lasting impact from the time that is invested in those being trained this weekend. Pray that they and those they lead in the future would be set aflame to live passionately for and like Jesus.

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