Another Reason the Church Needs to Get Serious about Revival

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Thou Shalt Not KillHere’s another cultural phenomenon that is becoming more frequent, boredom killings. The lack of respect for human life is stunning and it should drive us to pray for our nation’s repentance.

A handful of young homicide suspects and convicted killers have in recent years told authorities they were pushed by boredom to willfully take a random life.

-Bill Briggs, citing juvenile homicide expert, Phil Chalmers,
author of Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer, 
(, “Boredom Blamed for Murders: a true killing impulse?” Aug. 20, 2013.

One thought on “Another Reason the Church Needs to Get Serious about Revival

  1. This phenomenon (I’ve seen at least two stories.) chills me. Truly it underscores our need to reach out in love to those around us, to inspire faith through our own obedience, and to instill purpose through demonstrating reason to hope. Thank you for alerting others to this horrifying trend.


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