Prayer and Preaching’s Connection

Wednesday is for Prayer

A Preaching calendarI’m changing my preaching calendar. After yesterday’s post some might think that once the “preaching calendar” is set it is then unchangeable, set in stone. Not true. 

A preacher is constantly praying and thinking over new information and new things that he has come to understand and periodically he will still need to adjust the preaching calendar to reflect those new understandings and needs.

I am up against one of those times now.

Right now my preaching calendar is planned out through Easter of 2014. Actually, it is roughed out beyond that because I will pick up the sixth chapter of Luke in May, probably do an Old Testament book in the summer and then finish the book of Luke in the Fall of 2014 (Lord willing).

But I just had a great time with our intercessors last week and they confirmed to me something that the elders and staff have been echoing and that my own spirit has picked up on over the last 2-3 months—our people need help in learning how to pray.

That new knowledge is going to have an effect on every message in the current series from 1 Thessalonians and from the the gospel of Luke which I hope to begin in December. But I still think the need of the congregation and my own need for refreshing in my patterns of prayer require me to teach a series on prayer and right now I am about 90 percent certain that the best time to do that is in January of 2014. But where to preach it from and how to approach it are up in the air and I need the Lord’s mind on it.

Where is this going?


  • If you are a prayer partner with me in this ministry, or a member of Trinity Church, pray that I would hear God’s will clearly. 
  • If you are a visitor in for the day, pray for you own pastor and his preparation, pray that his own process of planning his preaching calendar would be fruitful in hearing the voice of God.

Church Planters:

  • Get a process and work it.
  • Recruit prayer warriors to pray with you on the development of your preaching calendar.
  • Be flexible. God doesn’t change his mind, but you may, as time goes on, discern more of his direction and you will want to be flexible enough to change your preaching calendar as the Spirit directs.

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