Entrepreneurs in Detroit; the Perfect Staff: Length of Preaching; Is Homosexuality Sin?

Weekend Links

Great morning of worship today, with Lord’s Supper celebrating forgiveness of sin and four more baptisms. Forty seven excited men returning from Promise Keepers, a newly energized intercessor team and meetings planned for the advance of a third campus, it was a great picture of God’s Spirit on the march. How marvelous to see lives changed. Let the links below challenge your own growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

aa entrepreneurEconomics and Entrepreneurs

Filling the Gaps in the Dying Economy in Detroit  (Innovation is the child of desperation sometimes. Here’s a great story about how one entrepreneur is making a difference.)

Church Health ImageHealth, Farm and Food

Sanity and Hormone Levels in Beef  (Audio and a visual picture using M&M’s, a “non-issue I just misunderstood”)
Your Ancestors Did Not Sleep the Way You Do  (Fascinating article.)

Soul Formation 2Doing Ministry Better

10 Steps to Create the Perfect Staff Culture Part 1  (Who doesn’t need help in helping believers, even staff of church, deal with one another and the things of God in a Godly way?)
Is Homosexuality Sin?  
(Video training about how to answer the question.)
Should Pastors Preach Longer than Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount?  (Some help, some silliness, and a lot of assumptions but over all, worth discussion.)
Is Your Attendance Drop an Illusion or a Loosening of Connection?  (Fascinating article from Thom Rainer. Don’t miss this. Five ways to address what might be the biggest problem in our attendance patterns.)

1 GovernmentPolitics and Culture

Why the New Movie, “The Butler” Can Not be Trusted, Harms the Nation, Disparages a President and Proves Again that Hollywood is More Interested in Lies than Truth  (Truly disappointing how a great story has been changed for the political agenda of the left.)
How The Peace that Passes Understanding Changed the Georgia School Confrontation  (Thank you God for preparing this mighty woman for that day.)
Inclusion Means, No White People Allowed  
(I would think you would want a few white males on this committee just as an educational opportunity for the whites and for a greater understanding of the issues facing non-whites.)

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