Why We Need the Wrath of God; Islam; Actor James Wood; Shockingly Wrong Documentaries and much more

Weekend Links

Controversy, information, challenge, fun—it’s all there in this week’s group of links. Enjoy, but remember, presence on the list doesn’t mean I embrace all aspects of any post.

1 GovernmentPolitics and Culture

Islam is Not a Religion of Peace  (More evidence that Islam is not a help to the world. Punishment for reading the Bible.)
James Woods Photo-shopped Commentary on the Obama Administration  (Priceless!!!)
Six Famous Documentaries that were/are Shockingly Full of Crap  (If you are shocked and upset by crude language don’t read it.  If you want to be informed about what Bill Maher’s documentary on Religuous  outright lied about or what SuperSize Me got wrong or distorted, you have to see this piece of investigative journalism.  “On the internet” does NOT equal true.)
Food Stamp Nation  (Video — What is wrong with us that we would create a system and a culture that would make enable this kind of lifestyle?)

Discipleship 2Don’t, Under Any Circumstances Miss this Video! 

Suffering? Know Anyone Who is Suffering? Wondering about What It All Means?  (Watch this video, turn your volume up, close your eyes and listen to it again. Worship your God.)

Great Stuff!

Best Use of a Billboard  (Why not surround the city of Houston with these type of Billboards, as well as all of Mississippi, Alabama and the city of New Orleans.) 

Image, School of MinistrySchool of Ministry

Memory Delight : Biblical help for memorizing Scripture.  (Real help that works.)
Best Case Defense of Progressive Dispensationalism: An Interview  (I’m not a dispensationalist, progressive or otherwise, but I have a lot of respect for Darrel Bock. This isn’t a bad place to start if you want a good, basic, stripped down perspective on progressive dispensationalism.)


Great Video on Demonstrating that Jesus is God  (Don’t miss these three and half minutes.)
Thousands Converting to Christianity From Islam  
(Video, Son of Hamas says the God of the Quran is a terrorist. Converts to Christ.)
Giving a Reason for the Hope of the Resurrection in the Penal Substitution of Christ (Al Mohler—Great historical review of the three decades long debate,
defense and resurgence of doctrine of the cross in the SBC. )
Evaluating Reza Aslan’s Portrayal of Jesus: Can it Be Trusted
(Darrell Bock—-good review of a “very old” new book with little historical value but which has caught the popular fancy.)

Hobbiton  photo-Matamata-city-1Whimsy

A Horror Story in Two Sentences  (Creativity on tap)

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