Millennial Myths; Ashamed of Inerrancy?; Divorce: Why is the Church Silent?; and much more

Weekend Links

Change (Churchill)[Update: This is old. I haven’t played golf in two years. but the links here are still valuable.]

Played some golf yesterday and I am paying a heavy price for it today. I can hardly walk and I wish I had three more soft ice packs to rotate all day. But I still had a good time. Sometimes that’s the way life is. But I am also looking at options to strengthen my back, lose some weight and change my swing so that what I enjoy doing doesn’t hurt so much. Adjustments, whatever they will be, must be intentional. 

The same goes for our thinking. When the time comes to adjust our thinking about something, we have to be intentional about it. My hope is that some of these links will help all of us make adjustments to our thinking so that our lives can better reflect the wonder of the gospel and the work of God in our lives. Enjoy.

Prayers-of-relief in a time of CrisisSchool of Ministry

Millennials are NOT Leaving the Church (Scott McKnight and Jesus Creed—Myths propagated by research.)
Why I Am Not Ashamed of the Word “Inerrancy”  (“We’re on safer territory – and orthodox territory – when we affirm that the Bible, every verse of it, is true in all that it claims.”)
Damn All False Antithesis to Hell   (D.A. Carson —-short, to the point and helpful.)
Mums the Word on Divorce  (Breakpoint with Eric Metaxes  —brilliant short audio clip.)
Pastors, Wake Up! There is a Digital Divide between You and Your Congregation (Al Mohler—Fascinating article.)
What You Can Learn from the World’s Greatest Violinist and His $32.50 Cent Pay Day  (This is worth reading multiply times.)

Church Health ImageHealth

9 Reasons to Avoid Hand Sanitizers  (Your milage may vary but some of this makes a lot of sense.)

1 GovernmentPolitics and Culture

Supreme Court Justices Who Want to be Supremacists  (This is not a small or unrealistic problem. Do nothing and they, the Supremes, will rewrite your constitutional rights.)

worship team_bannerWorship

Is the Flap Over “In Christ Alone” in the PCUSA Hymnal More Hype than Reality?  (Well argued and thoughtful article for those who may have jumped the shark in response [me included].)

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