If You Aren’t Willing to Work Hard, Stop Preaching and Get a New Job

Preaching 20090609_is-preaching-killing-your-church-plant_poster_img“I would have all lazy students drummed out of the college and all lazy ministers out of the Assembly. I would have laziness held to be the one unpardonable sin in all our students and in all our ministers.  . . .  We have plenty of time for all our work did we husband our time and hoard it up aright. We cannot look seriously in one another’s faces and say it is want of time.

It is want of intention.
It is want of conscience.
It is want of method.
It is want of motive.
It is want of conscience.
It is want of heart.
It is want of anything and everything but time.”

—Alexander Whyte in Walking with the Giants, by Warren Wiersbe
cited from G.F. Barbour’s, The Life of Alexander Whyte, 284-85

The college being referred to of was New College in Edinburgh and students were preparing for ministry. Whyte knew that laziness in their studies would produce shoddy work habits in the ministry and ineffective care of the saints of God. He knew that the ministry of the word requires real toil. There is little power in preaching until the preacher has first been through the toils of discovery and the fires of personally wrestling with the text in his own soul.  

“Lord, so that all might know your glory and experience your forgiveness and love–Lord give those you have called both stamina and faithfulness to labor hard over you word that we might speak only your thoughts with full conviction and the power of your Holy Spirit. Make me a laborer, working hard so that others will be provided for, protected and inspired to live passionately for and like your son. Because of his shed blood, make us faithful and passionate men. Lord, start with me. Amen.”

2 thoughts on “If You Aren’t Willing to Work Hard, Stop Preaching and Get a New Job

  1. Thank you for sharing this Marty. What a wonderful prayer (now inscribed on the front page of my Bible).
    Billy Graham in an interview at the age of 92, having proclaimed the Gospel to over 2 billion people over 60 years, was asked what he would do differently. Billy answered without hesitation, “I would pray and study more.”


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