Tolkein; Al Gore; Global Warming; Dr. King; Salvation; and the undermining of Doctrine in the PCUSA

Weekend Links

Unpacking still from the move. Today it will be hanging pictures and making the house look more like a home. Hopefully we will also get to meet some more of our neighbors today as well. Enjoy your weekend. As always, the weekend links are exercises for your mind. A link here does not mean an endorsement of everything contained therein. How’s that for a legalese disclaimer.

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Better Engagement with Culture, Science and Politics

New Technology Proves Darwin’s Evolution Theory is Unworkable  (Thought provoking article for all but the most closed minds.)
New NASA Data Indicates Global Warming is Even More Unlikely than Even Its Debunkers Imagined
 (Opps! Some one break this news to Al Gore gently.)
Nine Things You Should Know about the So-called “Scopes-Monkey Trial”  (Fascinating. Shows the power of bad facts in shaping public perception.)

Tolkein’s Insight to the Modern Surveillance State  (Interesting article trumpeting Tolkein’s vision over George Orwell’s, 1984, as a better description of the modern dystopia.)
What Would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Say About Trayvon Martin, Race and America in 2013?  (No one knows for sure of course, but this is a thoughtful take on what that conversation might sound like.)

Image, School of Ministry

How Can I Be Sure of My Salvation?  (Understanding and making the gospel clear is a perennial issue in every generation. Here’s a good book review of Don Whitney’s book [How Can I Be Sure I Am a Christian?] by Justin Taylor)
Millennials and the Church: Critiquing Rachel Held-Evans View of the How to Reach Millennials  (Longer article and a must read, if Rachel Held-Evans holds any sway in your thinking. Brilliant essay.)
The First Church Bully – Diotrephes and Why No Leader Should Travel Alone  (Gary Rohrmeyer—good counsel for leaders struggling under the weight of criticism.)

Spiritual FormationWorship

PCUSA Rejects “In Christ Alone” for its New Hymnal because of Reference to the “Wrath of God”  (How worship can undermine sound theology.)

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