Complementarian Update; 10 things to know about Islam; Egypt in the News; Repealing the Bill of Rights? and more

Weekend Links

Unpacking boxes. Little time to write. Enjoy; be encouraged; be challenged; act.

1 Marriage ImageMarriage, Family and Controversy

Does Complementarianism Need an Update?: Leadership Journal Asks One of It’s Newest Defenders (Important and nuanced article on an important topic, the role of men and women, and the role of men and women in leadership)

Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court Rulings Part I  (John Armstrong—Where do we go from here? What should we do and not do in the face of a poorly written but almost inevitable drift of the Supremes?
Same-Sex Marriage: The Growth of Secularism and Our Response  (John Armstrong—Part 2 of the above link)
An Open Letter to Rachel-Held-Evans  (A critique of Rachel-Held-Evans approach to same-sex attraction. The ability to write and speak is a dangerous responsibility. Rachel-Held-Evans has recently made some miss-steps in that duty. Hope she reads and takes to heart this rebuke.)
How Should Churches Relate to Others with Same-Sex Attraction  (Peter Hubbard did his doctoral work on just this topic. Peter is a friend and I have had the privilege of teaching a class at the church he pastors and a men’s retreat as well. It is a great church with a passion for the Christ, his word and the lost. He is a trustworthy voice of wisdom on this complicated theme.)

ApologeticsWitnessing to Our World

Ten Things Christians Should Know About Islam  (Knowing what Islam is and isn’t is something every Christian should be interested in. If you aren’t interested, don’t open your mouth about Islam.)

Image, governmentImage, Art and Culture


Politics and Culture

Not a Coup but a Revolution  (How President Obama is shaming America in the Muslim World)
Petition to Repeal the Bill of Rights   (One of the saddest videos you will ever watch.  These people signing this fake petition don’t deserve to have a military that will fight for their freedoms. Mindless support of ANYTHING President Obama wants to do.)
What is the Law of Retributive Justice? (T.M. Moore—deliberate acts of injustice required retribution in a society ruled by laws.)
The Real Problem with Johnny Depp’s Tonto  (The movie is getting panned. One joke on late night TV, “How bad is the new Lone Ranger movie? The director and producer are both refusing to go out in public without a mask.” But bad film is one thing. Bad storyline and philosophy is another.)

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