Sleepless and Longing for More

Wednesday is for Prayer

Marty at Outside Preaching EventIt is 3:27 AM and sleep is eluding me. It has been a good day and my mind is filled with thoughts and people interaction.  I have met with a young pastor in IL, a pastor my age from Pennsylvania, another pastor and friend from Tennessee, seen friends from New York, New Jersey, Florida, connected with church planters and former students, heard great speakers and challenging content yet, … something is missing.

I’m lonely.  I’m weary.  I need more time to think, more time to process, more time to pray.

I miss my wife, the staff of Trinity Church, wish I could talk to my brother elders in the great work of teaching and praying and guarding the flock of God there. But I miss something else too.  

Maybe not.

Maybe it is something I desire that makes my soul restless and my body, sleepless.

Maybe what I really desire is Christ.  I want more of Jesus.

But do I?

Do I truly want Jesus?  Do I truly want what will happen in my life if I truly go deeper in Christ?

I hope so.  But I could sure use your prayer.

My own prayer seems listless right now. Like the ceiling is getting thicker by the minute with the weight of my prayers and nothing escapes the room and ascends to the throne of heaven. I need the help of my brothers and sisters. I need an Aaron and Hur to hold up my “arms” till the battle is won (Exodus 17). I need some prayer warriors who will labor with me in prayer for the Kingdom of God and who can pray when I can’t or when praying is hard.

Today, when you rise or when you get this delivered to your email box, would you pray for me. There is a battle raging. I know that I and Jesus are going to win it. He will not fail despite my weaknesses.  But I need your partnership with me. Thanks. I’ll return the favor.

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