Teaching Children about Same Sex Marriage; Church of Fitness; Supreme Court Insanity and much more

Weekend Links

Is the Church In America Like a Hollow Cottonwood  (It's strength is an illusion)
Is the Church In America Like a Hollow Cottonwood?
(It’s strength is an illusion)

Meanwhile the people of God are called to love everyone and proclaim the gospel. We must show compassion to all, love to all, generosity to all while at the same time proclaiming the holiness of God and the gospel of repentance and belief in Christ.

Only time will tell if this produces the church in America’s finest hour or the rotting inner core that has been hidden in the blotted riches of our budgets and buildings. Pray for the church.

Church Health Image

Doctors Defying Insurance Companies and Showing the Way to Get Around Obamacare  (GREAT, GREAT article.!)
The Church of Fitness  (Is this a fad, a gross compromise of the gospel, another marketing of the church scheme, or a legitimate turn of the church to its historic roots of bringing healing to a people?)

Image, School of Ministry

Is it Okay for Christians to Text OMG?   (Read the third commandment and tell me.  Here’s an article that will help you think it through.)
Using a Trip to the Zoo to Glory in the God You Love  (Great article from Desiring God Website.)

1 Marriage Image

Russell Moore on the Supreme Court Decision on DOMA  (Audio clip and commentary.  This is much more serious than most people think and the church needs to reconfigure how they support a marriage culture in the church.)
Is it Time for Churches to Get Out of the Marriage Business Altogether?  (Thinking Christianly—older post from 2008 with some thought provoking points.)
Gay Marriage: What the Church and the People of God Need to Do Now  (What they should have been doing all along.)
The Insanity of What the Supreme Court  has Unleashed is Only Starting.  (The beginning of the end of logic, marriage and culture.)
How Should You Explain Same Sex Marriage to Your Children?  (If you think you can avoid this you are living on another planet.)

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