I Have Become Marvelously Insignificant

Marty Schoenleber IIIOthers have told me that public persons, like pastors, should periodically google themselves to see if the things that pop up in a search are true or up to date.  I can’t remember the last time I followed the advice, maybe more than a year, but last night I did.  It was fantastic.  I found out that as I typed my name into the google search, there was only one listing for me on the first page.  I didn’t look at the second page. No need, who looks on the second page?

It was exciting to see that I am not on the first page until the last listing. Instead, an up and coming poet, performer, writer, Jesus follower who is named after my father filled the page. His mother and father have launched him into the world and he is living passionately for Christ and learning how to do that in a way that reflects the Savior he follows.

What more could any parent want than to be superceded in power and effect for the greatest cause and the greatest King in the history of the world—the gospel and the King of Kings.  

The gospel is so freeing.  You spend your life trying to be significant and then you wake up one day and find you are insignificant and you are freed to enjoy your insignificance. Marvelous grace, great things He has done.

3 thoughts on “I Have Become Marvelously Insignificant

  1. So it is when our children come into relationship with Jesus, or when they get married or when they have children. In a sense we move down the ladder of significance in their lives but we experience great joy as we become “less important”. God’s grace is like that.


    1. Amen. He must increase, we must decrease. What is thrilling is find out that that is okay in your spirit. That the ego is less powerful, less important, less needy. We are free to delight in others.


  2. The closest thing to a knick name that I have is “chief”. My brother thought I was being arrogant, but I meant chief of sinners. Apart from Christ we are worse than insignificant we are each the chief of sinners and I can prove it. Praise God we are not apart from Him so watch out world as we “the least” are shown by Him to be much more important.


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