Contempt for the Constitution; Abortion Stupidity; John Piper; and much more

Weekend Links

Had my first spill on the bike this season on Wednesday but was still able to go out for a 6.4 mile ride this afternoon. Wind was brutal and I couldn’t get south because of a train stopped on the tracks that I had no way around but it was still a good workout in the heat of the day. Weekend links include some fun and hilarity (watch the video) as well as wisdom, challenge, and perspective. Enjoy.

Church Health Image

The Multi-site Evolution  (Ed Stetzer writes on the pros and cons of the new phenomenon.)

John Piper’s Uneasiness with the Silence of the Country  (All of us could stand a little silence even when it makes us uncomfortable.)

Abortion links image

Testimony of a Young Woman Who ‘Came out’ as Pro-Life in Her Liberal Family  (May God raise up more like her.)
President Obama says Banning Late Term Abortion Shows “Contempt” for “the Constitution” and is an Assault on Women’s Rights (Another example of how our President is out of step with the American people, ignorant of Biblical teaching, and unwise with regard to children gaining access to abortion pills. Pray for our President and the country.)
Chelsea Clinton Proving that a Great Education and Privilege are No Guarantee You Can’t Be Stupid  (Ahh, doesn’t she realize that if her grandparent had been aborted, she and her mother wouldn’t exist?)


Does My Bible have Errors?  (The Resurgence)
In and Out in a Blaise of Glory  (Desiring God—a great short treatment / biography of Blaise Pascal and his value for today’s apologetics.)


A Guide for Public School Parents in Dealing with Homeschoolers  (Wise, funny and myth busting. A good read)

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