Being Content in God

T.M. Moore has a wonderful and unique website where he has systematically been commenting on A Kingdom Catechism. The column is called IN THE GATES. and you can access it from The Fellowship of Ailbe website. The Fellowship of Ailbe is a  “Spiritual fellowship in the Celtic Christian tradition.”  My wise friend John Nunnikhoven introduced me to the site and I have been blessed many a morning by the content there.


I have never met T.M. and have only heard him speak once, years ago when he came and spoke at the seminary chapel. Right now, the discussion on the Kingdom Catechism is on the Tenth Commandment (“You shall not covet.” Ex. 20:17; Deut. 5.21).  I thought this discussion was particularly appropriate after preaching on Philippians 4:4-7 last Sunday. Here’s the comment on the substance of what the tenth commandment is all about:  

Q 129: What is the substance of the tenth commandment?

A 129: The substance of the tenth commandment is that we must receive with thanksgiving and contentment whatever it pleases God to distribute to us or bestow upon us. (1 Tim. 6.6-8; Eccl. 7.14; Eccl. 2.24, 25; Phil. 4.6, 7, 11, 12)

Believers overcome covetousness through the practice of thanksgiving (Rom. 12.21). Thanksgiving must at all times be the Christian’s first line of response, in every situation resisting the temptation to grumble, complain, become angry, or covet by turning our eyes to God in gratitude for His sovereignty and gifts. Thanksgiving, as Paul explains, produces peace – the context of the Kingdom – and peace is the hallmark of contentment. Thus, every temptation to covet should be received as invitation to give thanks and to wait upon the Lord for a fuller realization of His Kingdom peace in our lives.

T.M. Moore

T. M. Moore is principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, a spiritual fellowship in the Celtic Christian tradition, and dean of the Centurions Program.

If you are not receiving Crosfigell, the thrice-weekly devotional from T.M. Moore, you can sign up at their website today. T. M.’s latest book, Satan Bound: A Theology of Evilis now available in their bookstore.

“In the name of my Lord, Master, and Savior, God help me to not grumble and complain but to wait on you . You know all things. Help me to wait on you, to trust you, to live moment by moment in dependence upon you and to receive with gratefulness and thanksgiving whatever you send my way. Amen.”

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