WH Corruption; IRS Scandal: Abortion Fallout; Lesbian Love Letter; John Piper

Weekend Links

View on my block in Bolingbrook, IL ::  Saying goodbye soon.
View on my block in Bolingbrook, IL :: Saying goodbye soon.

Waiting to get information on the closing for our house in Bolingbrook and looking forward to the Phillies series with Washington this weekend. Enjoy these links for the weekend. My hope is that they will inform, challenge and stimulate you to think more Christianly about every category of life..

Better Thinking about Culture and Politics

 The Shell Game of Corruption in the Obama Administration (American Thinker—-This is what tyranny looks like.)
Julian Bond has Lost His Mind if He doesn’t Think these IRS Actions are Similar (Kevin Jackson—2 Minute video)
Undoing the Brainwashing of Your Children at the College of Their Choice  (Thomas Sowell—great suggestion and tactics from one of our better thinkers.)

Houston Doctor Karpen is a Gosnell Clone  (The horrors of abortion are finally being seen in the light of day. “Oh, God, forgive us and please end this practice.”)

Better Thinking About Ministry

Thinking about the Meaning of Heartache, Tragedy and Disaster (John Piper from 2009 on how to reflect on pain.)

Will We Ever Stop Labeling “Christian” Bands and Artists? (Thinking Christianly—not at all sure that I agree with either his premises or his analysis but it is thought provoking.)

Better Thinking about Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

Diversity, Not the Blood of Christ Saves Us  (Quite possibly the worst exegesis of any passage I have ever heard of. Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church last sermon. Ugh!  “Oh God, we cry out with Habbakuk, ‘How long on Lord?'”)
Love Letter to a Lesbian  (Desiring God—Jackie Hill, perhaps the letter you need to share with a friend of yours.)
Why Same-Sex Sex Gets the Death Penalty in the Old Testament but Not Today (Tim Keller—great article and model for how to do competent analysis of the text of Scripture.)
Are Contraceptives as Benign as We One Time Thought? (Breakpoint with John Stonestreet.  Thought provoking article with audio track.)

4 thoughts on “WH Corruption; IRS Scandal: Abortion Fallout; Lesbian Love Letter; John Piper

  1. Thank you for adjusting this post. I am grateful that you considered the source of what is happening and the methods being used. I also want you to know that I agree with you that issues of Church abuse whether, spiritual, sexual or any other are serious and need to be addressed.

    No need to approve this. You didn’t respond to me which is fine, but I do want to thank you for reconsidering the inclusion of the Wright material and I respect that you acted.


    Bart Breen


    1. Bart,
      It took me some time to do my research and come to the conclusion that there needed to be an adjustment. Your own lengthy article was helpful. That being said, the accusations against Jim’s target do need to be investigated lest we (his brothers) be like the national media, investigating our enemies and refusing to investigate our friends.

      For the glory of Christ,



      1. Marty,

        I respect your opinion and understand what you’re saying. I’ll provide you with some additional information privately in a short while that will address some of your concerns but regardless of that for now, I am grateful that we’ve been able to address this issue and again, I appreciate your willingness to entertain feedback and act accordingly.

        Thank you again,



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