Evaluating “empire”; Doctrine; The Origins Debate; Purity Rings and Wisdom; Jim Wallis Jumps the Shark;

Weekend Links

I might need some ideas for garage storage in Watseka.
I might need some ideas for garage storage in Watseka.

Busy packing day so this will be quick. Some good links below. Remember, a link is not an endorsement, just a stimulating or helpful perspective.

Thinking Better about New Testament Studies

Evaluating “Empire” in Current New Testament Studies (Reading the NT as rhetoric against Roman Empire has become a popular concept in ana-baptist sources recently. But is the case overstated?)
Thinking Better about Atonement: Limited or Unlimited? (Video—What does the New Testament teach and how is language used?)

Better Thinking About Origins

Mapping the Origins Debate  (How did we get where we are in the current debate about the origins of man?)

Better Pastoral Care

A Young Girl Tells Why She Took Her Purity Ring after Ten Years of Waiting for Mr. Right (Have we led a generation off course by encouraging them with “Love Waits”?)
Jim Wallis, You Have Betrayed the Word of God and the People of God  (A prominent magazine writer takes on Jim Wallis for his recent departure from biblical norms on marriage.)

Thinking Better about Living the Christian Life

Why Praying for Justice AND for the Surviving Terrorist of Boston is What Jesus Demands (You may not agree with all of if but if you are a follower of Christ, you have no option but to believe [and obey] most of the points in this piece.)
The Face of Evil and Love (Gospel Coalition—Justin Taylor, Looking at ourselves through the action of a terrorist.)
Pastors Should Be Worshippers  (Terry Ivy—great article with some practical suggestions.)
Understanding the Myths Associated with Introverts (Great article by the wife of church planting leader Darrin Patrick.)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

President Bush is Smarter than You  (An alarming article about the power of media to create narrative out of assumptions. I would love to hear someone who was also in the room with Hennessey and the President and confirm the perspective.)

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